Passive Irrigation Modelling in Queensland

Healthy Land and Water

Stormwater, when viewed as a locally available low-cost water source, can open up many opportunities for creating cooler, healthier and more liveable communities, as well as improving the quality and reducing the volume of stormwater flowing to receiving environments.

E2Designlab has undertaken soil moisture and water quality modelling to inform the design of street trees and wicking beds in the different rainfall regions of Queensland. This provides more options for ensuring water quality objectives can be met, while also helping to ensure the viability of street trees and other public open space all with using less potable water. The outcomes of this modelling provides confidence to decision makers, designers and implementers that these solutions are viable in each of the rainfall regions.

This investigation has enabled appropriate design parameters to be defined to assist in the broader implementation of these technologies for water quality, landscape and microclimate benefits.

This work was possible due to the support of Healthy Land and Water, the Queensland Government funding through the Urban Stormwater and Erosion and Sediment Control Capacity Building Project for the Great Barrier Reef, and the six participating local governments: Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Mackay, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich councils.