What’s in the name anyway?


Bit of a mouthful, huh? So much so that we are called by many nicknames – E2, E2D, E2Design. But then again it wouldn’t be an Aussie name unless it was shortened….right Shazza?

If you’ve ever wondered about the backstory to our name and how we came to be…well here it is.

Why are we called E2Designlab?

Put simply our name represents intersections and evolution – it brings together the pieces which we believe are needed to create a more resilient water cycle and healthier places to enjoy.

‘E x 2’

This represents two “E” disciplines coming together – Ecology and Engineering. Two skillsets which we believe are essential to bring together to understand and manage water well. Historically, the two have often been at odds, but using and mimicking natural systems to capture, store, transfer and treat water is a sure-fire way to enhance our environment while creating greener and more successful places. ‘E2’ is also a nod to a previous organisation, Ecological Engineering, that our Directors and many of the staff of E2Designlab were part of historically, and which was instrumental in the development of water sensitive urban design in Australia.

“Design + lab”

The second part of the name also represents a marriage, but this time it’s a marriage of processes. ‘Design’ represents our passion for a collaborative creation process and practical application of concepts, while ‘lab’ represents our commitment to ongoing learning, experimentation, and research. These two processes are cross-fertilising: ideas remain simply that without application and ground-truthing, and equally a successful design process is one where experimentation and learning is harnessed to evolve concepts and engage new thinking.

A brief history of E2Designlab

In 2011, a group of long-standing colleagues and collaborators came together to form E2Designlab – with a desire to turn the philosophy spelt out in the name into practice. The company grew steadily over the years to follow, has always remained a humble and down-to-earth consultancy, true to its values and focussed on quality over quantity, progress over process. Today, E2Designlab is a family of twenty core staff, combining a broad mix of skills in not just ecology and engineering, but also in planning, urban design, communication and construction.

E2D team reconnect at our Gold Coast Hinterland accommodationE2D Team in 2013