How to prioritise WSUD spending?

Wondering where you should invest in stormwater management? Check out our first case study released by Clearwater here. Through our delivery of priority WSUD projects across the City of Darebin, City of Hume and City of Greater Geelong we have continued to refine our strategic planning framework for identifying all project opportunities based on site feasibility, with sites prioritised accounting for assets’ life cycle costs and their ability to deliver multiple beneficial outcomes (such as, waterway improvement, water supply security, urban greening, and enhanced liveability, etc.).  Stormwater in-lieu contribution schemes (also referred to as stormwater offset schemes) are identified in the decision guidelines of Amendment VC154 policy changes and are a way that Councils can provide flexibility to developers to meet their stormwater management obligations.  Our priority WSUD projects are used to underpin stormwater in-lieu contribution schemes by providing a robust monetary value to underpin the scheme, as well as transparency on how the offsets will be invested to deliver enhanced community and urban design outcomes.  Further information on Victorian urban stormwater offsets is captured in our industry note. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.