Copenhagen Urban Lab 2017

Sankt Jørgens Sø is an iconic artificial lake located close to the city centre of Copenhagen. Challenges include flood storage, water quality (first flush, salt during winter, algal blooms within the Lake) as well integration of the landscape design. Copenhagen have their unique challenges and environmental conditions, but in essence they are tackling the same key challenges faced elsewhere. That is, how do we adapt for a future climate in a way that adds value to the human and natural elements of a city? 

To help address these issues, Simon Roberts joined a group of urban planners, water engineers and landscape architects in Copenhagen to exchange knowledge and combine professional expertise. The group were given nine days to develop a new multi-functional cloudburst (aka flood) design for the area building on existing visions, challenges and plans.  The report can be found here.

Many thanks to all the organisations and individuals who helped make this happen. Including, but not limited to: the City of Copenhagen (Lykke Leonardsen ), the Municipality of Fredeler Nilsson, Niels Kaalund), the Utility for HOFOR (Jes Clausotility of Frederiksberg (Henrik Bay), The University of Copenhagen (Marina Bergen Jensen), the Young Water Professionals Denmark (YWPDK), Ramboll (Christian Nyerup Nielsen, Trine Stausgaard Munk).