E2D welcomes new staff!

Over the last few months we have welcomed three new staff on board, Jacqui, Steve and Anass.

Jacqui Brien - Queensland

Jacqui is an Environmental Scientist and, prior to a 5 year stint in Canada as an Environment Specialist, has worked for Brisbane City Council as a Program Officer and Waterway Management Officer across waterway management and WSUD.


Steve Buck - Victoria

Steven is a graduate engineer specialising in climate adaptation strategies to aid cities takes a whole-of-water-cycle approach to urban planning. Over his career development he has supported a range of multidisciplinary projects in project planning, international tenders, risk assessments, ArcGIS mapping and AutoCAD drafting in the urban water sector.


Anass Jerrari - Victoria

Anass is a civil engineer with experience in water resource management, hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, alternative design solutions and cost calculations associated with wastewater and stormwater systems. He has practical experience in the project management, design and delivery of alternative water and energy strategies, and WSUD asset audits.